W800RF question


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Will the M1XSP relay all raw data from the W800RF to the M1? If I am not mistaken, the DS10A wireless door/window sensors support low battery status etc., so I was going to try to trigger rules using that data, but I don't want to waste my time if the M1XSP only relays the on/off commands. Thanks!
Anything that the door/window sensor transmits should be picked up by the W800RF and passed to the M1XSP. The M1XSP then converts it to ASCII data for the M1. The M1 receives the ASCII string and compares it to the text string in its rules.

You will need to know what data the door/window sensor generates for the low battery.

You will probably have to remove the battery and use a variable power supply in order to trigger the low battery signal.

You will need to use the Windows demo application that decodes W800RF32 data available from the wgldesigns web site to see the data.

You will need to add the decoded data as an ASCII text string to the M1 rules.
Boy that would definitely be awesome, whenever I have to add/relearn a new DS10A, I have to physically disconnect the W800RF from the M1XSP, and move it to a PC, then move it back. This would be a huuuuuge time saver (and obviously this solution has other advantagse as well). I was ready to split the serial cable, but this would be a much better solution.