W800RF Source?


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I know most HA apps have W800RF support, and I see the specs to write Serial port code around it, but is there any sample code out there already? Perferrably some VB6 or VB.NET code?

I really want to add support for this, but getting Insteon support just seems more important and is taking most of my time. Yet I really really want to get this W800RF supported by my app.

(*NOTE* When I bash like this, I am mostly having fun =)

If you think that is easy, you would love my 9-page guide to get to McDonalds from my house. =) (It at the end of my street for those of you that don't)

What does safe sex and making low level device interfaces have in common, YOU NEED TO WRAP IT UP BEFORE YOU ARE FINISHED =)

If A=2342w5ghe3*kjhfdhf7/86y4or-8tjhe01 Then just tell me "A" man.

If an interface if trying to tell me A1 ON, why am I digging in translation tables and flipping nibbles? To help HS sell more software? Publish a wrapper...

Ok, I am done, I have not had time to look at it that closely, but I am sure sorry I bought the thing with what I read so far. I don't think I have time to tackle it for a month or two. I'll stick to my V572...

(I feel so hateful, the community spirit is so awesome around this place, but I had to vent, so thanks for understanding heheh)
It really isn't that bad if you are familiar with VB. If you aren't, there are some members on here who have written a VB based driver for this thing, maybe they are willing to open source their code :lol:
I have some VB code that I put together to read the data stream from the W800. At work right now so dont have access to it, but will post it when home if you are interested.

That would be awesome. Last night I got all of the code into ArchonHA for Insteon support and tested manual control. So I am really pumped and focused on integrating the database and events over the next day or two.

W800RF is the next most killer device I could support next to Insteon, IMHO. So this relieves a lot of stress =)

I work full time at Sprint/Nextel, have 28 URLs that need work, and more projects than I can count. I will take all the help I can get to get my home automation software complete and released to GPL.

Anyways, thanks and I look forward to hearing from ya.

I work full time at Sprint/Nextel
My condolences.

I've worked for several telecom firms in the past, so "been there, done that". Always saying you need to do more with less. I recently talked to a friend who is still in the industry. On 12/14, her boss dropped a 750 hour project on her, with a due date of 1/2/06. Let's see, 750 hours divided by 2 developers = 375 hours/developer, divided by 18 days (Weekends? Holidays? Pffft!) = 20.8 hours per day. No problem!

The same friend used to have a picture of Dilbert's pointy-haired boss on her whiteboard. The caption...."Sleep? You can sleep NEXT week!"
I have not heard back to you since I sent you my email address. I am 95% done with Insteon and ready to start the W800RF support.

I would really appriciate it if you would still send me the source you have.


BTW I opened up my email address here on Cocoon.
My apologies, I was not paying sufficient attention to my emails as I deleted them and did not notice your email. I have sent the files your way.

Let me know if you need any assistance.

I have already looked at your source. I think I can handle rebuilding it in ArchonHA, hopefully tonight. Then I have about 12 motion detectors to set up, the GF will love this. She always loves project nights (I have project night between 5-7 nights a week) and yes, that is sarcasm heheh.

Anyways, Dude, thanks a whole bunch and if there is anything I can do for you, just holla!

Ok, I found my missing W800RF at lunch today. I had about 20 minutes before I had to get back to work, but I wanted to check it out. So I hooked it up, bounced the computer (enabling serial ports) and ran the Source Code that HarleyDude gave me. It worked.

So then I copied the 4 lines of database connection code and 7 lines of AHAA's Insteon code into HarleyDude's code and ran it. It worked perfect, not 1 error. It queried AHAA's event codes that matched the addresses and commands that the W800RF was seeing and created new events for the ones that did not exist yet. AHAA then tuned on the lights and wrote audit trails all about 3x faster than my V572 was capable of!

Anyway, I was very excited to complete support for a device like this with out writting even a single line of code. Of course super props go out to HarleyDude for that code! Thanks a lot man! It makes feel much more secure in my design choices and I can't wait to wire up all my windows with my DS10s too.

[OT, sorry!]

Rick, speaking of code, have you ever done anything that talked with NetRemote? I'd like to use it with my HA app, PowerHome.

I have done some NetRemote programming, but not real familiar with PowerHome. Does PowerHome have any type of integration with Girder?

PH does support Windows Messaging, and, I believe, sockets. I was under the impression one or both of these would work. If not, I'd use VB. The info does not need to be specific to PH.