W800RF support (M1)


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Since ELK adds features based on customer demand, I figured I would start a poll showing how many poeple would like to be able to interface their X10 motion sensors, palmpads, and DS10A's with the Elk using the W800RF. The protocol is pretty simple, but since the people at ELK are pretty busy, it's important to let them know what 'we' want. Considering ELK pays attention to this kind of data, I suggest everyone votes :blink: If you don't care, please vote Yes (since you aren't against adding this feature). Thanks!
How would the w800 be implemented? I have never used the w800 but by the looks of it the w800 simply accepts RF signals from wireless x-10 devices such as the palm pads and motion detectors. It doesnt apear to be get anything off the powerline.

With that said I would think the the RF signal the w800 is receiving is a standard signal and that Elk could implement a receiver into their system without the requirement of a third party device such as the w800. Is this not the case here?

I don't see why Elk would take on the hassle of supporting someone elses product when they could implement the same features in their own product. I guess patents may be an issue but I am not sure.
The W800 is probably the single most important purchase I've made. It speeds things up considerably.with X10 equipment.

It doesn't appear to be get anything off the power line.

The W800 connects directly to a Com port on your PC or Controller, it does not put any X10 traffic on the power line. (Other devices like the WGL V572AB does put additional traffic on the power line).

This device almost makes X10 livable. When a motion sensor is triggered, the lights come on is about 1 second.

The W800 also has the ability to recognize security devices (DS10A).

Using the driver that is available with HomeSeer, you can remap codes in a number of different ways. Example; you have a palm pad set to house code f. You can map f1 = b10, f2 = a6, f3 = c1. Great feature.

You should check it out if you are using any kind of X10 RF devices.
The W800RF32 allows one to interface all their X10-RF remotes, security sensors, and more without having to use an old fashioned X10 transceiver (which converts RF to X10-PLC). Since the Elk M1 supports serial port expanders, which each can be programmed to communicate with the attached device (it's how they interface Z-wave, UPB and other hardware/protocols), it only makes sense to support one of the most popular RF receivers in the HA world, and it's less work/money than building their own version of the W800RF32.

edit: looks like I am too slow of a typer, Tcassio posted while I was still typing ;)
Btw, if you know of other people who have an Elk M1 system, and hang out on different forums, please let them know about this poll, thanks!
Squintz said:
I don't see why Elk would take on the hassle of supporting someone elses product when they could implement the same features in their own product. I guess patents may be an issue but I am not sure.
Well, they already support X-10 and they don't make any of those modules correct? What about future thermostat control, would Elk be expected to make their own product also?

The nature of owning a controller for home automation/security is so it is compatible with a large spectrum of devices. Elk's strength is in its adaptable and versatile design to support many various products in the future.
OK, Now that i understand the reasons I would suggest that Elk slow down their support for the Z-wave which I think they are still working on and pick up the support of the w800. It only makes sense to support something that the majority of your market is using. From what I have seen in the HS forums the w800 is the one component that makes up most peoples system. The protocol does seem fairly simple also so I dont see a reason not to support it.


Can't wait for the day that an affordable harware solution over powers the software solutions. GO ELK GO!
Good idea since there are only like ten people using Z-Wave correct!?! ;) Seriously though, hopefully the will get around to eventually providing support of all the common hardware.

It would be nice to have all of this capability in a non-PC based controller.
Well, I suspect that W800 is popular well beyond just the HS community, but it is certainly dominant there. And, honestly is a great little device that has potential on all platforms. I don't know of any other X10 receiver that gets all of the US based stuff (security and other).

Unlike X10 powerline, X10 RF seems to be a reliable and usable protocol. Going the way of the security devices it even seems to provide some rudimentary level of security against stray signals.

IMHO, to not support the W800 or something similar is limiting for the ELK.
I would rather them get the touchscreen out.

If supporting the WGL800 takes up alot of space on the M1 it's not something I'm interested in.

Why not just use the V572AB close by?
Yes I forgot it doesn't support the security sensors as E pointed out

Now I would like to see IR supported in some fashion..
The V572A doesn't support the X10 security sensors, it would add a delay (since it has to convert RF to X10), and the W800RF protocol is pretty easy/simple. I definitely want IR as well, but having support for the W800RF would allow one to move many events from their PC to their M1, which means increased reliability. I don't think this would affect the touchscreen development process at all since that seems to be high priority already.