w800rf weirdness


Hi All,

Suddenly my w800rf has starting receiving every remote and motion detector house/unit code sent as "D8 off" regardless of what the device is set to.

For example, my office light is L5. If I send an L5 from a remote the w800rf reports it as "D8 off". All motion detectors are reported as sending "D8 off" as well even though they are set for other house/unit codes.

I'm using Indigo/Powerlinc 1132CU. Indigo transmits properly via the 1132 directly - it's just the rf stuff that's getting messed up. None of the house or unit codes are remapped.

It worked for months, then yesterday morning this started going on. I've unplugged, reset, rebooted, etc. etc. every possible device and still no joy.

Any ideas on this one?

Do you use house code D?
And if so, is there any remote in your house that has the D8 off button continously pressed.
The code for D8-off is 50AF7887 and this is not a code that could be created at random.
You can download the RFreceiver program at http://www.rfxcom.com
1) Stop the program that is using the W800.
2) Start the RFreceiver program,
3) connect the COM port to which the W800 is connected to
4) select 32 bits mode (2nd button).
If you receive continously the D8-off command then a remote with the D8-off pressed is probaly the source of the problem.

Well... it must be the w800. I had an extra w800 and when I swapped it out everything started working again. Put the original one back and it was all D8's again.