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W800RF32 and dimming lights


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I was thinking about getting one of these W800RF32 to replace my aging single house-code transeiver (RR501) that seems to go beserk occasionally. My main concern is that my girlfriend likes dimming lights from the palmpad remote. If I get the W800RF32, can I dim the lights from the palmpad via homeseer, or would there be too much delay?


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Things may be a bit slower, but I would not expect it to be irritatingly so. I have no issues with my setup.

When I switched to the W800, things sped up considerably. For me, the upgrade was primarily for improving the performance of my X10 motion sensors.

Instead of...

wireless device -> RR501 -> power line -> PC -> power line -> controlled device

it was...

wireless device -> W800 -> PC -> power line -> controlled device

Being able to use DS10A's was icing on the cake!