WACI NX Jr interface with ELK?

That looks really cool. Lots going on there. I had trouble finding anything on pricing, anything you can share there?
If the WACI can accept custom ASCII Commands through its RS-232 port, it should talk to the ELK M1. The M1 can recognize any ASCII command from the WACI and fire Rules.
WayneW said:
I found this page with a price of $795.
Hmm, a global cache setup might be more cost effective. Plus I'm wondering if some of those details might be easier to manage on a PC rather than the elk (I'm also wondering if you quickly eat up your rules space, but simple triggers could be passed to the waci to minimize this).

I'm still working on the infrastructure in my setup so I have not gotten to that level yet, so I have not given it a tremendous amount of thought.

Still I tend to lean towards using a PC for that, although I know some have strong opinions to avoid that.

Very nice concept though, and definitely food for thought.