Wall Mount Touchscreen


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I am looking for an easy to mount IN WALL mounted touchscreen.

Preferably a 17" sunlight readable model.

I've been looking and searching online but have yet to identify something that I understand how it will mount (lots of panel mounts, openframe, etc.). Ideally, the unit would have a rough in box and allow mounting to the roughin box and then snap on of a bezel to finish it off. The wall I am wanting to install this is a standard 2x4 sheetrocked wall.

The PC will be located remotely.

Anyone got any suggestions?

One other question, any suggestions on a rough-in enclosure. The 3M will work, but it appears that I still need a rough-in box to attach this to within the wall.
A roughin box is the biggest challenge with these, especially if you only have the ability to cut the hole in the wall where you are mounting. I was lucky and was able to cut hole in wall behind it (laundry room) so I was able to go in and mount it with the L-brackets. I have seen whole PC touchscreens with these boxes, just not larger touchmonitors.

I think i am going to get one of these from Planar and use mario's method of mounting it in the wall.

Planar Open Frame

Anyone have one of these and have any notes on any issues?

That's essentially the type of screen I used. I wish you luck getting that in an existing wall with only cutting out the hole for the screen. Mario mounted his on 2x4's before drywall. Take pictures on how you pull this off as I would definitely be interested in learning.