Want to test Insteon with your Elk M1?

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Elk Products, Inc. announces the Beta Test Software Release for Insteon Lighting Control.

Interested parties that would like to Beta Test the Insteon software for the M1/EZ8 Automation Control should email brad.weeks@elkproducts.com and you will be emailed the M1XSP Serial Port Expander software and documentation for Insteon Lighting Control.

To Beta Test the Insteon Software you will need:
* M1 or M1EZ8 Automation Control.
* M1XSP Serial Port Expander Hardware.
* Beta Test M1XSP Insteon Software Version 50.0.15, emailed from ELK.
* Insteon Software for M1 Documentation, emailed from ELK.
* Smarthome Insteon Powerlinc Version 2 Serial Interface Model 2414S, running
Firmware Version 2.12, and running Insteon SALad software - Timer Core Application.
* Insteon Light Switches of your choice.
* ELKRP Upload/Download Software for the M1/EZ8 that runs on a PC with a serial port.

The Insteon Software that goes into the M1XSP Serial Port Expander is an alternate software download from the factory supplied M1XSP software.

Elk Products would like to get feed back of your experiences by February 1, 2006.

Legal Notice: The Insteon Software for the M1/EZ8 is fully operational Beta Test Software. Being it is Beta software there can be problems or "bugs" in the software that could affect the operation of the M1/EZ8 System. This software should only be used for evaluation purposes.

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