Haiku Warning HAIKU Will Not open in IOS 14.5 Needs Apple to update Signing Certificate Like Space & SnapL


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Well, iOS 14.5 finally killed HAIKU.
Since I updated to iOS 14.4 for security reasons, I found iOS was killing my iPhone battery,  Last year I purchased iMazing to back up my HAIKU App (originally purchased for $50.00).
Last year Apple updated Signing Certificate on "Space"
Last week Apple updated signing Certificate on "SnapLink", which caused concern because HAIKU was never updated.
Haiku worked just fine *although we we have had to deal with "Intermediate Server Error" but that wasn't too big a deal.
I will send a request to Apple to update HAIKU Signing Certificate, but I'm sure we are out of luck!
Both Space and Snaplink work fine under iOS 14.5, but it Killed HAIKU.
You can send request to Apple using Twitter!
Ive also emailed them for the same issue. Frustrating that we spent $50 on an app that just stops working. The myro subscription is too expensive.
Maybe if enough people complain, something will happen. Unfortunately developer is MIA!
What concerns me is the WiFi Smart Devices are taking over by storm (Google, Apple, Amazon), and only those educated why a Smart House & Security systems should not be based on WiFi as it's sole source of communication, understand why Wired systems are much more reliable and secure, such as OMNIPro II. We use WiFi only as a method to communicate to HAI, and when I installed it during my construction project, a lot of hours of time and money was invested (including designing and installing all the Lighting and rouging in all the ROMEX, then dressing it out) it was more time consuming running ALC, Consoles, Thermostat, Perimeter, motion detection  sensors Communication (links) wires, which I still am adding to.  Last year I started deploying UPB, behind on that project too.
I get why the MYRO developer wants to have a subscription service, because Leviton has discontinued this system, and there will be fewer people using it, so he can profit from his work.  I just hate the software rental trend (Adobe CC & Office 365).
I did send a public message to @Apple and @AppleStore on Twitter yesterday, I'm sure they are inundated with several of these request, and probably won't fix the APPs with only a few complaints. It's irritating to update for security reasons (hopefully Battery Improvement), to lose access to a purchase (just doesn't seem right).
FYI, after years of not having haiku and migrating everything over to a Home Assistant front end and running Omnibridge as the handler, I managed to get haiku installed and running under iOS 16.01 on my new iPhone. Nice to have it back.
Well that's interesting!

I have left the app in place, but my iPhone 6S won't be getting iOS 16. I wonder what has changed with iOS16 that allows the app to run.

Thanks @charliebarns for sharing this. I will be curious if iOS 16 updates continue to allow this.
This Home Assistant add-on is fantastic!!
OmniLink Bridge

Current version:

Saved my HAI alarm system!
This Home Assistant add-on is fantastic!!
OmniLink Bridge

Current version:

Saved my HAI alarm system!
On my iPhone 13 Pro max iOS 17.1, space is working. But on my iPhone 15 pro max it doesn’t work at all.
can you pls explain how to setup HAI? Also there are couple of home assistant apps. Which one to use?