Warning, Tomorrow (Monday) is Valentine's Day

I spent many years "too young" to get married... then all of a sudden, I was "too old".... I just don't understand it. :angry:
Ok, so who here had their home automation system play some 'romantic' music once the wife woke up (using motion sensors of course)? :angry:
I played a cruel joke on my wife on valentine's day. My uncle had died so we had to go to a viewing last night right after we got off work. I met her at her moms house so that we could droped off the kids. When i got there she had a single red rose for me. I told her that I did not have time to stop by the store on the way home so i did not get her anything. We went out to dinner after the viewing (Just the two of us) Since we had to hurry and get the kids we ate at the fastest resurant we could find. "Dennys". I though for sure I was in the dog house for this one. After we picked the kids up we headed home. I stoped to get gas just to make sure she got there before me. At about 11pm last night when she walked though the door she was greated with Beatiful flowers, Roses and balloons. I think the surprise of getting anything after going all day thinking she got nothing made her very happy.