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Since many of us seem to be using the wireless X10 camera's for security monitoring, I figured I would post this link to this very interesting article. It shows how people are driving around with 'special' equipment trying to tap in those wireless feeds. This is an issue that has been mentioned before, and more people seem to be doing this, so I hope this article will make you reconsider using wireless camera's for indoor (and outdoors) use if you are serious about security and privacy.

The problem is, if the cops take an interest in you while you're doing something like this, the only way to get out of the situation is to admit that you're a dork," says MWD. "I'd almost rather be taken back to the station.

Heh, that's good stuff right there.

That opens up another question I have though. Is there any way to isolate your outside outlets from your X-10 stuff? I'd think for people who have garage doors, or door locks X-10 controlled that there is the possibility of someone walking up to any outside outlet with a computer and an interface and start hitting random on/off codes until something opened up.
IMO, as always.... :)

IF I still had wireless cams AND someone had so little else to do but to drive around a small town looking for the possibility of an X-Cam, then they are welcome to what they can see. (which is not much if you are using an X-cam!!)

I myself when I first started playing with 802.11 tried a little "war driving". Sure you find a bunch of sties, and it is kind of fun to do....FOR ALL OF 5 MINUTES! but it all boils down to....BIG F&*%$^ DEAL!

I mean who has so little life that they are going to sit at the front of your driveway, or closer in the case of X_Cams, in the hopes that they might "catch" something good?
You would be surprised how many people do this, I do this stuff for living, and have seen it happen plenty of times. If you have a family, you wil care if they can spy on you thru the cams, trust me.
Suprise me.... :)

I do agree with you that cams ought not to be wireless however... I'd just like to see some statistic on voyerism amongst 2.4 gb cam operators...
Looks like the guys who were working for the latest incarnation of "The Screensavers", started their own internet based TV show, and the first episode shows how to build stand alone 'warspy' device, using basic components including the X10 video receiver. Pretty good show with lots of details.


It does require you to use BitTorrent to download it, but it's worth it.
Back when I used X10 Cams, they were all outside anyway, so whatever they showed of the outside of the house was in full view of anyone driving by.

IMHO, anyone that used wireless cams inside their home, (except for baby monitoring),well......, then I guess they wanted to show.
Many people use wireless cameras to monitor their babies, which is why it 'could' be a big deal. Most people just don't know better, just look at the huge # of unsecured wireless networks. This is an even bigger issue with small businesses, since now you can find out where the blind spots are etc.
Just look at the trouble the we have getting a good picture on a wireless cam.... A voyeur would have to be parked in my driveway before he would see anything!