water detectors ?


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hey BSR........

Did you ever get anywhere with the water detector project ?

Quoting......from the HomeSeer board....

"Yes correct. With the same reasoning as my post with the 2000 ohm resistor above, the water resistance must be higher than that and thus not work.

I was actually looking at THIS cheap water alarm kit.

You could probably operate a cheap relay in lieu of the buzzer and have the DS10A monitor the contacts of that relay.

They also make THIS low water alarm that detects the absence of water (for your dog's water dish).

EDIT I ordered those kits, will update results after testing them."
I wasn't sure which one you were referring to, but I had tried the flood stop ones (for a washing machine for example, where it turns off the water supply to the unit if it detects water). I thought it was good at first, and inexpensive, but after using it for about 8 months, I notice a slight leak coming from it (ironic eh?). It is very slight, but a piece to stop leaks should not introduce one itself (not a fast leak, but a drop is forming below one of the valves).

I've been meaning to call up and return the one I have but have not gotten around to it so have not gotten feedback on if this is common or not (perhaps I have an exception).

The water cop one that actually gets connected to the main pipe seemed like a great concept, I just wasn't ready to install it and it was more money.
Sorry Neil, but I haven't had a chance to look at the LOW WATER ALARM or the WATER ALARM kits from AllElectronics.com (they are still sitting on my shelf here). :p

It looks like the low water alarm is going to be hard to hack into due to the nature of its packaging. I believe the water alarm kit will be easy to modify to trigger a (high coil resistance) relay for contact closure instead of driving that on-board speaker.
That's OK.

I was looking for Electron's "Honey I am home" script which I never did find and I came across this old post about the water detector.

Just thought I would follow up and see how you made out.

I need a water detector for my basement floor which leaks right thru the concrete in just one spot maybe once every 3rd year.

If I am quick enough I can pull back the carpet in a downstairs spare bedroom to expose the floor drain.

A little advance warning would be really nice.

It floor usually only seeps water for a day and then it's over with. Damned if I can find it though !
A nice cheap way to do this would be good for all kinds of potential water issues. My hot water heater has been grumbling for a long time and I'd love to have a water detect under it hooked to the Elk input.
From advise on I believe the HS forum, I purchased some water detection chips (just the chip, no supporting electronics) on eBay sale. I seem to remember the circuit was pretty easy to build. If I find the info on it, I'll post back.

I also use (currently), a HomeDepot Water Watchdog $10 device that sits on the floor, has a 9 volt battery, and screams when it senses water under it. It has helped me with an overfilling furnace mounted humidifier already. I heard something from the basement and it took a while for me to figure out what the sound was all about. Then I saw the growing puddle...well spent $10. The next step is to tie a water sensor (ala the chips referenced above) into Homeseer to tell me exactly what the issue is.
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, That's the one!
One of these days I'll give it a go. sounds like you are in the same status!

I am wondering if your cheap fix will be any different than my attempt to do this with a DS10A that would work in rain water but not tap water ?

Something to do with minerals in the water ?

I could get the DS10 to work in tap water if I added salt but not without !

I might order the Waterbug sensor to try it out.
sounds like a lack of conductivity / sensitivity issue. Can you move the sense electrodes closer together -but without touching?