Way2Call Modem are back in stock

Who makes these devices? Is this hardware proprietary to HS? I would love to be able to get the SDK for this device so that other software can support it also. Does anyone know of similar devices which have an SDK freely available?
Actually it is what I am trying to get Dean to do. I would really like CQC to have phone support. Atleast something that would allow me to call home and hear a pre-recorder list of options such as press 1 to turn on the 'crock pot'. Press 2 to turn up the heat. And so on. I can do all this stuff from work using the internet so it's not really that big of a deal but it would be nice to have.
Youchy, $389??!? For $395 you could get HAL2000, a UPB controller and lamp module and the HAL modem. ;)
Over priced is an understatement. Does this modem sell anything special? For that price it should give you broadband speed. ;) :D
I checked, here were the key differences:

User can customize ring patterns based on caller ID.
User can prevent (mute) rings based on caller ID.
Can ring home phones based on HomeSeer events.
Best sound quality for text to speech announcements.

I'm guessing the price is that high because they found people would pay it for that functionality. I can't imagine the unit costs anywhere near that much to make (even including research). I may be missing something big here though but I don't see what that might be. Ring tones aren't hard, and muting the ring isn't hard either assuming the unit is placed at the right location.

Nice to have, but kind of pricey. I wonder what their volume would go if they could sell these at $150.
..and it really does nothing that I need. My $30 modem worked just fine under 1.7, and you all of a sudden to get the exact same functionality that I used I have to spend over $300... NOT.
I have uninstalled HSPhone, since it no longer works with the modem they used to recommend.
If you guys are looking for just CID announcements, I just purchased a NetCallerID box for $12.99. It works great. The plugin for it is $30.
Yep, that's what I am using now, I actually switched to Girder for my NetcallerID announcements, works great!