Wayne-Dalton introduces new Z-Wave Thermostat


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(MT. HOPE, OH) – Wayne-Dalton’s Home Access and Controls Division introduces its new Z-Wave® Thermostat, the latest addition to its Home Controls products line. The new Wayne-Dalton thermostat is a Z-Wave® fully compatible component that takes home automation to a new level.

“We are excited to bring this new home control technology to the marketplace,” said Jeff Franklin, Executive Vice President of Wayne-Dalton. “The unit is easy to install, easy to use and surprisingly affordable, making it a unique product that stands out in the relatively new arena of remote programmable thermostats.”

The Wayne-Dalton thermostat allows homeowners to manage their heating and cooling needs with the push of a button. Temperature control can be accessed through front panel buttons on the unit itself or remotely from any Z-Wave® enabled remote control, computer or cell phone. The unit offers simple to activate “green” energy conservation and normal mode pre-set temperatures.

Unique Features:
  • The Wayne-Dalton thermostat is the only thermostat today that is fully compatible with every Z-Wave® remote in the marketplace.
  • The Wayne-Dalton thermostat is designed for easy installation. No special wiring or additional boxes needed, and the component is compatible with over 90% of existing HVAC units found in homes today.
  • Outfitted with a battery back-up, the Wayne-Dalton thermostat works off the existing HVAC’s power, requiring no additional power supply.
Homeowners love the Wayne-Dalton thermostat because:
  • It is the most user-friendly thermostat available. The thermostat controls are easy to understand, and the unit uses the same interface as any other Z-Wave® product a homeowner may be using. No need to learn a new system.
  • It maximizes a homeowner’s energy savings through its simple and flexible “green” energy conservation mode. The ability to set this mode with a single button and make adjustments remotely allows homeowners to change their temperature schedules to meet their daily needs, without losing the energy efficiency that overriding a system commonly causes.
  • It offers convenient computer and cell phone access. The ability to control their home network through the Internet or with a cell phone allows homeowners to change settings even from far distances that traditional remote controls cannot reach.
  • It is the most affordable Z-Wave® enabled thermostat available. At a price point anywhere from $50 to $250 below its competitors, the Wayne-Dalton thermostat is an affordable and efficient option for most homeowners.
During a recent Architect Summit held at Wayne-Dalton’s World Headquarters in Mt. Hope, Ohio, prominent architects were invited to tour the facility and learn about the latest trends and advances in technology. Architect Jim Wells of Atlanta Plan Source, Inc. was impressed with the Z-Wave® thermostat and other home controls products featured in the Wayne-Dalton prototype house of the future.

“The Z-Wave® technology was eye-opening for me,” said Wells. “It makes it so easy to link everything together to work for the way people live – with the hit of one button. It can definitely benefit me as a designer, as well as a homeowner.”

The Wayne-Dalton Z-Wave® thermostat is the most recent addition to the company’s Home Controls Solutions line. Through these compatible, interactive products, homeowners can access their entire home from various touch points throughout their house, from their vehicle, and even from a remote vacation location.

Wayne-Dalton offers an exclusive, innovative idrive® Z-Wave® enabled garage door opener, which allows the homeowner to control their home’s lighting and HVAC system from their remote garage door opener. With Wayne-Dalton Home Controls Solutions, home automation has never been this affordable and easy to use.


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