We need a simple RF lighting system


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:) I just want to express my disappointment to the lighting manufacturers on their disability to replace the functionality of the X-10 system. I have used Zwave, Zigby, and Insteon. None of them replace the simplicity of installation that X-10 maintains. You either have to have a PC, some handheld programmer, or memorize some push button sequence to configure a light system to simply turn on an extra lamp. My wife would have no idea of how to set up a simple system to turn on the Christmas lights with these new systems, but she can grasp the concept of X-10.

Why can we not have a good reliable RF wireless light control system with two little rotary buttons to set the House and Unit address like X-10.

Oh yea, now remove your Christmas lights from the new systems.

I will now climb down from my high horse!
I agree about the programming of the new devices. Every manufacturor has a slightly different programming sequence and I have found that I must have a whole breifcase full of X10 controllers just to ensure that I can reliably program any x10 device.

A pet peeve of mine is that most manufacturors assume that you only need one house code to control your house. So, they create a control device or transmitter that you have to dial in a new housecode to control transmit another housecode. Why not create a transmitter with a matrix of buttons so thay you could press C and then 14 for the device code C14.

Insteon's tabletop device has 5 on/off pairs. I need to be able to control everything in my house. This means that I need a computer to control everything or settle for getting out my pocket screwdriver and changing a housecode dial.

I've only been at this for a year on a larger scale so maybe I have missed some great controller.

Smarthome.com recently released the ControlLinc Maxi which has the matrix of all house and unit code buttons.


I got info on that item today from Smarthome and will be trying that unit out soon. Funny that I didn't see it on their website when I made my last purchase of a similar controller just 2 weeks ago. I would have bought this one instead.

Thanks for the input.

The ControLinc Maxi is an X10 controller and not INSTEON. However, if you assign your INSTEON devices X10 addresses the Maxi will be able to control them.

And yes, it is a Maxi controller on steroids :)