we need nuvo concerto pc control!


yeah, so i've got my concerto system installed, and it's been great with the t2-tuner listening to radio and all, but honestly, i'd love to be able to run this thing with a music server (a mini-itx server) that i'm currently assembling.. i'm gonna shove a m-audio card in there to have 3 or 4 zones of computer audio.. now i know j-river media center supports the sound card like that, and actually there's a program out there called casatools that can semi-do all the things i'd like to do with the concerto.. , but i'd like more functionality than casatools provides.. i'd like to be able to push time notices onto the keypads, or even temperature readings, that sort of thing.. i'd like a more open source and configurable option that anything i've found out there (just casatools, is there anything else capable of controlling the nuvo ?) .. so, i've contacted the maker of the cav plugin for j-river.. hopefully he might help out, but maybe someone here can help out too, i know a couple of us around have the nuvo, and i'm hoping i'm not the only one who wants that sort of functionality.. now i'm a novice programmer,( dabbled in it in high school, college -- html and flash are more my thing).. but the protocol for the nuvo is on their website, so how hard can it be.. ?

any programmers out there up to the task? ..
how much am i looking at in cost if i'd like something programmed for me? (hopefully i can distribute it as freeware?)

any suggestions on how to get this done? .... sorry i don't know what other forum to post this on, but cocoontech is about automation/control.. and that's more of what i'd like with my nuvo..

You can already do that quite easily via CQC and it's Concerto driver.

There's even an option to delineate beween temporarily flashing items on the keypad and permanently (until something else overwrites it). You'd use whatever HVAC or Elk temp sensors or weatherchannel.com forecast temperature you want, and write to the field.

Yet another reason CQC rocks!
What you are asking to do (interface to Concerto, J. river, M-Audio) there are full featured plugins for all three with the MainLobby suite.

MainLobby combo is $179, MLConcerto is $99, MusicLobby3 is $59 and J. River is $40 an the MAudio plugin is just entering beta with no pricing yet, but it won't be expensive.
I thought the MusicLobby $59 license only had 3 zones of audio, and you had to purchase more zones. forgets wants 3-4 zones.