Weather station justed stopped


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I have an AAG weather station, and for some reason it has just stopped working.

I am using Weather Display to record the information, and it is showing the data received as a green flashing box that is counting, on the data quality there is a red box.

I thought that the cable might have been damaged somehow, so I ran a new cable. It is about 125 ft.

When I connect the weather station directly to the USB adapter everything works fine.

Any Ideas???


Have you tried using the OneWireViewer to see if it is a hardware or software problem?

Eric- Darryl

I have tried to use the 1-wire viewer, and nothing is happening:(.

I am going to move the weather station inside tonight and try it again.

What is the maximum amount of cable that I can use between the usb adapter and the weather station itself?? Just wondering- Mine is about 125-150 feet.


I just moved the weather station inside. I connected it to the USB adapter using a 6 ft phone cord, and both programs worked.

any ideas???


The first cable that I ran was a cat v wire. I used 2 of the 8 wires for the connecton. This lasted for about 6-8 months before the weather station stopped working.

The new cable that I ran was a standard phone cable that already had the ends attached to the cable. I get the same error with this cable as the cat v cable.

nothing else has changed.

That is strange. Sorry not to be of more help, but I'm out of ideas to try at the moment. I will keep pondering the problem and see if I can come up with anything.

It already had the ends attached? Make sure you have the right ends, I ran into a similar situation with my Ocelot, where it looked like a regular phone cable, but it wasn't straight through.

You were right, the ends of the new phone line were reversed :). But a snip here and a crimp there, and the weather station is working.

Now to try to get the rain gauge and the Bar. working.