Weather Toys Book


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We are proud to announce that Weather Toys, a new book by Tim Bitson, is now available for pre-order. This book is packed full of excellent information on 1-Wire and features many of our Hobby Boards' devices.

So order your copy today ;)
Very cool...

I love paper compared to "screened text" ....

Does the book cover any programming? Thats the one area I am unskilled, so any direction there would be of great help.

Any discussion on interfacing these devices with some of the more popular HA packages out there?

and yes.. I'm a newb :)
Yes it covers some software and goes through setting up your development environment. In the course of going through the book you create a small weather station app in Java and the book also goes through the building of some of our kits and some good weather theory.

It doesn't cover interfacing with any of the HA apps out there but it does discuss uploading your data to Weather Underground.