Weather, weather alerts and Lightning on Home Assistant


For years have been watching the weather with Homeseer running applications and having connectivity to the Davis weather station.
Now testing the connectivity to weather with Home Assistant baby step fashion.
Pieces that I am using.
1 - HA plugin using Weather forecast from, delivered by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute.

Meteorologisk institutt (
2 - Lightning (always enjoyed watching lightning - tracking lightning) - still have 1-Wire lightning sensor and RPi lightning sensor in place.
3 - Local NOAA weather alerts - currently configured to trigger Alexa Weather alerts via HA. - also still have in place a NOAA radio weather alerts device.
Weather Alerts

4 - NOAA weather maps - HD NOAA images - historically here have used an SD radio and downloaded low res NOAA maps.
These are just links to HD weather images.

5 - Local weather info
using 1-wire / 1-wire hybrid MQTT Tasmota / Espurna devices inside and outside of home
6 - pending - Davis weather station to MQTT configuration - using meteostick.  Current configuration is serial output from Davis console which is a bit primitive today.
This is a work in progress and totally different than the Homeseer weather configuration stuff.