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One of the features i want to add to my custom site is a caller id log. I don't have any of the caller id hardware yet so that is my first question.

What hardware do i need to buy?

Second i would like to store the information into a file. I prefer a database so that i can keep things neatly organized. (another project will be a rolodex and maybe even a memo pad.) I know atleast two of you prefer text document over Databases but i was hoping someone here can help me get caller id information (Name, Phone Number, Time) into a database. Even if this means putting it into a text file first then loading the text file into the database.

What is your input on this project?

The reason i want to use a Database is because if i creat a rolodex with stored phone numbers names and addresses and use multiple tables. for example

Table one (ID, Name, Phone#)
Table two (ID, Street1, Street2, City, State, Zip, Comments)
Table three(CID# ,Name, Time)

Then i can easily query for a list of times a certain person called or i can easily query for a list of name who called between a certain time. I could also query additional information such as Comments telling more about the Phone Number or the person calling.

Practical use.... Say im a player and im playing multiple females at once. Then when i get a call and my caller id gets loged to m database then i can quickly hit one button and pull up the comments section that goes along with the number. Now i have all the notes that i've been keeping right there in front of me. I can tell her favorite color and her favorite food. Remember her birthday ect.

BTW... Im no player but it could be used for something better im sure.

But all arround the main reason i want to use a database is because i find the Structured Query Language very easy to use with PHP.

So can you help?
You either use a modem which supports caller ID and get HSP, but I would just go with the callerid device that hooks up to your serial port (others will be able to mention the name, there is a forum dedicated to it on the HS boards), much cheaper. I integrated the last 5 callers in my php website just by reading the log file, but yeah, database is a good tool here, nothing wrong with using the right tool for the job. Figure out which device you get first before you decide on the programming. Wait for the others for more informatoin on that device, or check the HS forums. Let us know if you want more help.
The NetCallerID box with or without the waf-netcallerid scripts from the HomeSeer board is a very inexpensive option and easy to work with. Check the discussions over there.
I currently use the NetcallerID box which connects to your PC's serial port and use the WAFNetCallerID plugin with Homeseer.

I am having no problems with either unit. I am thinking about using the YAC client and server and pushing this info to PC's on my LAN (as suggested by JWilson).

I'm wondering if I could then just have HS speak that info as well??

The TTS CID is one of the highst WAF items I have in my house. In fact my wife asked me to purchase the new Paul to use with it as she liked the voice over Mike's. I also have YAC on my PC. One thing about YAC is that you can also have it send any text message as a pop-up on any PC so its kinda cool. I use the NetcallerID plugin and have a couple extra units as they were super cheap (<$8 each) and someone had one go bad. Can't beat Paul announcing who is calling when your no where near a CID box.


I don't have Homeseer phone, so this is a great alternative (cheaper also).


Is it then possible to have HS speak that info in your script (sorry for being so lazy today)?

Also, I'm sure you could do some ambitious things with the data (currently in a text file) also.


Actually you can add anything you want to say. I have it say something unique for each of my family. If you look at the .vbs file you will see where it can do look ups, grouping, as well as be able to set time limits so it doesn't speak past a certain hour. Its a pretty handy little plugin/script and very customizable.

And yes those links provided will get you the unit and the plugin.

One of the cheapest ways to handle CID with Homeseer.

Thanks for the link. I think I have read about this at one time but the info slipped right out of my feeble mind. This may very well be what I have been searching for. I tried to use netsend to send my caller id information to my lan pc's but it only works about 10% of the time. If I reboot my laptop it works for a day or 2 and then nothing until I reboot. Thanks again for the link.
Can this YAC be used in conjunction with HomeSeer Phone? Meaning both programs using the same modem?
I believe YAC allows you 'monitor' the line, even when HSP is running it, I tried that. But you can also execute the command line utility (i.e. when the phone rings)to send the data to other machines.