Web Trusses


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Ran into a snag (literally) with my prewire. I used open web trusses for the 2nd floor joist, primarily to make it easier to run wire. However, the trusses are held together with some sheet metal connectors that have rough edges and the cable kept getting snagged on. After sacrificing a couple of Cat5 runs, I gave up and started going parallel to the trusses, whcih kind of defeats their purpose.

Anybody have any experience with this and any suggestions? Seems like I need something to go over the edges of the plates where I'm running wires. Pipe insulation or some kind of clay maybe?
Hi Randy,

It sounds like you are trying to pull these runs by yourself and getting snagged at the point were the cables pass at/through the valley (metal fasteners) of the cross pieces. If so, you need to get one more person to up-feed or get a second man pulley (see link). I think once you get the cables in place you'll be OK (not need a bunch of protectors). You might want to attach the cable bundles to the cross pieces of the beams with hole mount cable ties (to keep out of the reach of sheetrock screws).


You have some long runs so expect to pull some of those in multipule steps, say 30 to 40 feet at a time (or what ever makes sense).

Here is a link to distributors of Labor Saving Devices in the Dallas area:


I looked at Martin's site and did not see them, might be worth a call.
We use a product from Thomas Betts (Diamond) drive rings' which came in sizes from 1/2" to 1 1/4" that you pound into the wood and your wire/cable slides through it. Makes it easy for one man pulling. Can leave them in for future missed pulls or pull them out when finished. We leave them in and use them to tie wrap the wire to dress up the job. Available at most electrical supply outlets.