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I am trying to make a matrix showing the features of each webcam security software package out there, so selecting the right software will be much easier, but I need your help. I need as many webcam security software titles (and the url) as you can think of. These are the ones I have:

VisionGS (
WebcamXP (
Supervisioncam (
Webcam32 (
Active WebCam (
Conquer Cam (
Windows Media Encoder (
iVista (
ConquerCam (
Webcamfirst (
SnapCap (
iSpy (
ChillCam (
Coffeecup Webcam (
Gotcha! (
Netsnap (
Truetech (
Webcamnow (
Paperjet (
Stripcam (
Home Watcher (
Visec (
Teveo (
Kabcam (

WebVision (

Remember, I am only interested in software which is aimed at monitoring a location, not webcam chatting software. Thanks!

[edit] updated list
Thanks guys, I will update the list later showing what I got so far, so I can start making this "matrix".
No I don't. I never really felt need to do so. Currently I have the media player 9 embedded into a WEBcam html page, where as a viewer wouldn't HAVE to view from the media player itself to see my cams.
This is what I'm getting ready to instal:

I signed the distribution agreement a couple of months ago with Visiontech but have been waiting until my new office is finished being built.

This box also has built into it it's own processor with operating system & web server - no PC required. I thought it would be good to off-load this function from any of my PCs. It plugs directly into my network. I think it will be great.

Yes, I agree that is a nice box. We used something like that here at work from Axis (their Video Server Box).

I see that this has a maximum of 20 users for connection to its internal web server which is also nice.
List price is $1,146. If either of you want one. I'll do it at dealer cost (1/2). It does look really nice. I can't wait to get one set up.

That is a VERY generous offer! My WAF isn't up that high yet (as far as $$ go), but let us know how it looks and I might take another look in the future.

Thanks again,

Hey BSR, it's pretty small. She won't even see it!

I understand. If my wife knew I was buying it for myself I'd be dead too. It's for "demo" purposes and it's cheaper than a dedicated PC!
My Opinion:

If it is true STREAMING that you want, then there really is no option other than Windows Media Encoder. If you are looking for a motion sensing, security thing then something like Homewatcher is probably the way to go. There is a big difference between streaming, and looking at a fairly rapid sequence of still images. (A la IVista). Media Encoder is the only software that I have found that truly streams.

Don't forget that the Media Encoder handles audio flawlessly! THe only real drawback that I have found with the encoder is the excessive latency (about 15 seconds). I for one am willing to deal with the latency in return for a superior viewing experience.