Webex of my CQC/ElkRP setup tomorrow 3:00pm PST


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If any of you are interested, i'm going to walk through my setup incl how i've setup CQC/ElkRP/other packages in order to build out my stuff during tomorrow's monthly CQC User Group webex at 3:00pm PST. PM me if you want that contact info. There's a limit of 25 folks, so I don't want to post it here.

Please note - this isn't going to be some form of salesy/product overview type meeting, where I discuss everything that CQC can do, cuz frankly, I don't know it all. I'm just going to walk through how I got my stuff working. I may not have chosen the cleanest or most pure route to accomplish a given task, but I did what works for me.

This includes:
Basic HT stuff:
- Music playback using JRMC repository (old V1.6 setup)
- DVD playback using DVDProfiler repository (old V1.6 setup)
- Music ripping &playback using CQC's new media repository.
- DVD cataloging using CQC's new media repository. (haven't totally got the DVD playback working, nor my autopatch)
- Weather
- SageTV integration

Basic HA stuff:
- Aprilaire HVAC integration
- Elk integration (motion, security)
- Rain8 (although admittedly I've turned off my sprinklers for the season, hence deleted the actual scheduled events)

Automagic stuff:
- Event Scheduler
....Scheduled Events: all I have right now is HVAC at 7:15 on M/W/F, and 7:30 on T/X, as I turned off my irrigation for the season.
....Triggered Events: HT: How I setup my system so that IR receive has conditionals around what to do
....Triggered Events: Security: Elk Integration

I'm sure there's more, but I can't quite recall it all right now.

It will NOT be recorded for privacy reasons.