Webinar tonight on "building interfaces in CQC"


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I'm going to do a dry run of a webinar at 5pm PST/8pm EST on building interfaces using CQC. Space is limited to 10 people, so far I have 3 (including myself). I've never done one before, so this is meant for those folks who can handle a little bit of hemming and hawing until I figure out the best flow for the training class.

Given that 10 person cap, i'm using this thread as to confirmed registrations.

If you're either a current member or have no issues registering on the CQC forums, go ahead and reserve a spot there. Otherwise, if, at 5:05 pm PST you see that there's less than 10 people on that list, feel free to click into it. Make sure you join the teleconference bit too. Please wait until 5:05pm to allow the RSVP's to get in, otherwise you'll be blocking them out.