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I know that I am being pretty persnikity, but why is this site only using 50% of my available screen real estate?

Why is the table set to a 750 as opposed to 100%? (or something close)

Not to say that I only see this here, but I have always been curious as to WHY?
It seems like such a waste.
you would be surprised how many people are still running 800x600, this guarantees the layout to be the same on every single monitor and OS. Many things have to be changed in order to support full width, which I don't have the time for right now. However, I am planning on putting some time in design changes in the near future, so I will try to address anyways :D
Please NO!!!!

I like the size as is.

Its perfect for my Audrey display. I have my Audrey on my end table next to my recliner, love to read the posts while watching TV, without having to scroll the page left and right like I have to do with some of the other boards.
John B

My point was that the width should fill all browsers windows, not just those unfortunate enough to be still running at 800x600... :D

With the tag reading 95% vs 750 ALL resolutions will display a full screen.

Big E.... No big deal.
Ski, you are right, might as well just use the full screen when possible, I just have to make some changes so I don't forget about the low res users.
i actually prefer it this way. I run a higher resolution but dont like the clutter of things being full screen.. If he makes it full screen the he will have to fill up the empty space with something.... Lord knows we dont want advertisements all over this beautiful page. I say keep it this way. The site looks good i like the colors and everything.