Weird color sequence with HAI UPB switch install


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I installed 2 switches. When I go to turn the load on, which it doesn't do, the led flashes red a few times, then blue once, then magenta solid then back to blue. what does this mean? I couldn't find any info on it.

haven't got that far yet. I can't get it into programming mode, gives the same led sequence as above. doesn't control the local loads either.
It sounds like the switch's LED is set to diagnostic mode. The colors flash different color when the switch transmits or receives. Was the switch new? Perhaps it was hooked up and put in diagnostic mode before? In any case, putting it in setup mode and changing the LED behavior in UPstart should fix it.
If you are having trouble with the switch, try to factory default it - 5 taps, LED blink, 5 more taps.
the switch is new. got a case of 12.

Upstart doesn't find it, but not sure how it could when not in setup mode?

I tried doing the tap 5, blink tap 5, but same thing. When I do the first 5, it does the whole red,blue,magenta,blue sequence again.

This is happening on 2 different switches from the same box.
ok, well I still don't know the issue with the weird LED's, but thanks to Event5 (Dave), all is well in my continuing UPB saga. Had some weird wiring yet again. Hope the rest are smoother.

Thanks Dave!

Hi All,

Derek called me and we went through the wiring in his wall boxs to find the hot and the load. In this case It seems that the switches were not connected to a hot properly, so wird stuff was happening. I do not have personal experience with the HAI switches so this flashing color thing seems strange. I guess it is the power up sequence for the switches.

I just had him remove the switches and go over the wiring he had to determin where everything was. One of the problems was the voltage tester he had did not identify one of the hot wires so the hot location was mis- ID'd

It is always best to know where the hot and load are before progressing with installation.

In his house the 3 way circuits have a black wire curled around the travelers at each end of the 3 way circuit. In one box the curled wire shoud be the hot and in the other box the curled wire should be the load.

This was a different 3 way than I have seen. The "slave" location did not have the hot or the load. We put the master switch in the box with the hot and the load, used the black traveler to send hot to the other box and wired a slave (Auxilary) switch and all is well now. When wired correctly all the switches seem to be ok, working properly. Now on to UPstart.....