weird elk beeping


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For some reason, my elk M1 started beeping seven times whenever I try to arm it. It does arm, and everything appears normal, but I am concerned.

I checked the log, and it mentioned that there was a telephone line fault and restore. but that everything was normal again.

Does anyone have any idea whats wrong?
hgupta1- My elk has the same problem. I have been too busy to try to track the problem down. I chacked the voltage at the Elk, and it shows 48 vdc. That is about as far as I have gotten.

7 beeps on arming is normal, No problem.

A 2 second constant tone is a problem. Zone open probably.
Can we disable the 7 beeps after arming? It seems superfluous as I know I just armed the system by hitting the arm button. I see that I can turn off the beeping by setting the beep volume to zero, but then this also disables the warning beeps when I come home (ie, you have 30 seconds before the alarm will trigger). I'm trying to make the system as transparent (quiet) as possible.
There is not a M1 control option for disabling the arming and disarming beeps without silencing all the beeps. :)