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I posted some of my own scripts and plugins in the download area, more will be added. If there is something you would like to see there, please PM me.
Is it stuff that anybody can download or do you have to have home automation stuff to check it out?
the software I wrote is meant to be used with Homeseer (Home automation software). Sorry :)
Looks good... I just tried out the Joystick plugin and so far it works great. Now to figure out what to do with all these inputs. Hahahaha

hey how about a software for sale section since you can't post those on the Homeseer forum. I see no reason why you can't sell the original CD's if your not using it anymore.

here are some ideas (I am doing most of this myself, or am in the middle of implementing this):

* monitor all doors
* monitor all windows
* monitor garage door
* monitor mailbox
* monitor sump pit (in case it starts filling up)
* monitor for water in the laundry room (clothes pin with metal wires on each side, seperate with a piece of paper towel, if it gets wet, it will dissolve and create a contact)
* monitor dryer (magnetic reed switch on the drum)
* monitor CR magnetics current monitors (to monitor if your furnace is running, washer etc)
* doorbell
* garbage cans in the garage (if in place on garbage day, raise hell!)

I am sure I forgot something, but I am sure you have a desire for more than 4 ports now :)
Well I have most of that list covered using DS10's and Powerflash units (no wires). Actually the DS10's work very well from even my garage which is no attacjed and sits back aways from the house. It would be so cool to have a house built with all the wires in place would it not?

tell me about it, I gotta run all these wires, but at least my basement hasn't bee finished yet.