Well I finally created an account


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Good Day All,
Well after spooking around looking for info, I decided to become an active member. Cool site.. Lots of practical ideas.
I have been into Home Automation for some time now. I use Homeseer a Lynx 10 plc and lots of home made pic circuits. A simple example: Instead of the standard low voltage yard lighting used my alot of people. I purchased a large 10 12vac xformer built a 4 channel triac board and programed a pic to respond to X-10 commands.
I have increased the range of those wireless motion detectors by dropping in a new transmitter.
I really like some of the ideas you all have.

I look forword to sharing with you all. And I hope spelling doesn't count

Hey Brad,

Welcome to CocoonTech, looks like you have some cool ideas, you will fit right in!
Sounds like you and Guy Lavoie will get along very nicely here! Please don't feel bashfull sharing your custom designs with us as well, and I also share my welcome message with electron.
BraveSirRobbin said:
Sounds like you and Guy Lavoie will get along very nicely here!
Hnn, I don't know...he's a PIC guy, I'm an 8051 believer! ;)

Seriously, its always nice to get to know other "hardware" guys. Welcome! When I first started home automation, I just thought it was yet another branch of an electronics hobby. I quikly found out that this was not the case. So when you do find another person who can speak in terms of circuits and such, it just adds to the fun.