Western Digital 80GB Hard Drive


Circuit City is having a "Web Only" special on the Western Digital 7200RPM, 8MB Cache, 80GB Hard Drive for $20 after rebates.

Details HERE.

EDIT: Even though it says "Web Only Special" this offer is available IN STORES only. See my reply below for details.
Is this for real or a tease? or am I blind? how can you run something as a "web only special", you not have an "add to cart" or "buy it now" button"? I would buy one if I could figure out how.... I tried it in IE & Firefox, what am I missing?
That normally means they are out of the product or to contact your local store for supply.
lol, Web only say but it says pick it up in store. Thats just like something Circuit City would do. They do price games all the time and I wouldnt doubt it if they didnt do it on purpose just to get people in their store.

Once I went to the store and saw the laptop that had awesome specs and it was only $600 open box deal... Turns out the price tag that was on the laptop was for a different crappy laptop and not the good one. The sales guy told me its not false advertising and that they do it all the time.
OK, I called their "helpfull" phone number and they said that even though it says "Web Only Special" that this deal is available IN STORES only!

This doesn't make the deal as great because you have to pay sales tax on the price BEFORE rebate ($89.99) :p

Also, you have to purchase this by the end of June 25th in order to qualify for the rebates.
That would be awesome if circuit city price matched and gave the rebates.. It would be almost free.