WGL accepting beta testers for UPB Rain8


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WGL designs is working on a UPB version of their very popular Rain8 sprinkler controller. They are looking for some beta testers, so if you are interested, don't hesitate to sign up, since you will be able to purchase the Rain8 module for $50 (UPB PM not included, you do need one of those as well!). Support for this product has been added to the MCS sprinkler software as well. E-mail wgl @ wgldesigns . com for more information.
So, is this something worth getting just to have some UPB based outputs? The price looks like a good discount.

The price is decent to get 8 relays for control of various devices even though I've still got some spare ones left on my Secu-16. I hate passing up a deal!

I assume this isn't limited to sprinkler control and could support anything that is within the electrical specs, correct?

If you have questions about this device, please feel free to call Jim in our office. He has been testing one for several weeks now.
I'm hoping to make it to the next NTHAUG so I can talk then.

I wasn't going to ask my original question, but I was surprised that nobody had commented on this temporary deal. Given the reliability of UPB, this seems like it would be a good unit to have. I thought I might generate some discussion.

I don't like it for a sprinkler controller because I have always felt that the OTS units that are designed for that are just fine and always work. The best thing for me is that I can walk up to it and hit "go" and it runs the cycle or I can adjust the time in a matter of seconds. If my current controller either had a serial or UPB interface to where I could kick it off and monitor it in my HA system, that would be perfect. So, I'm probably only interested in this unit for other things like, maybe low-voltage lighting.