What a deal I Got!


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My sister inlaw works at lowes home improvment store and yesterday she was dealing with a customer who wanted to purchase two clearance items. The guy purchasing the items attempted to bargin with my sister and of course her first responce was that there isnt much more she can do but she will go talk to her store manager and see if he can come down on priice.

Table saw normally $360 marked down to $260
Band saw normally $250 marked down to $200

So off to the manager she goes and was returning to tell the guy the exciting news. But the man wasnt anywhere to be found. So she waited about 10min hanging out near the two items and the man never showed up. So she gave my brother a call and told him that she could get the Table Saw for $100 and the Band Saw for $90.

so the two saws went from $610 to $190 for both. My brother didnt have any use for the saws so he called me and my father up and asked if we wanted them. I said heck yeah and ran down to the store and sure enough it was still sitting there with its $100 price tag. My father purchased the band saw.

Now i have to figure out what the heck im gonna do with a huge table saw in the middle of my livingroom ;) I live in a small townhouse and my basement is a theater now so i don have a work area. I'v considered selling it in the paper or something and making $200 but i really like the idea of having my own table saw. So it will probably just sit in the box until i buy my next house in 5 years or so.
Keep them in the box and just take them out when you need them. On a dry day you can set them up in the yard, use them, and put them back in their boxes when finished.
One good deal I had once was a referral by a friend of a woman who was selling off tools and other things after her husband had died. There was a band saw, table saw and jointer. I was only really interested in the jointer since I already had the other two machines. Well, she wanted either $200 for any given machine or $500 for all three. So I bought all three and then sold the table saw and band saw for $225 each...leaving me with the jointer I wanted for $50!

Another nice deal once was a Sears 10" radial saw for $150.
My favorite tool buy story was my wife dragged me to a garage sale. In the back was a barn with the retired homeowner. Inside the barn was a slew of brand new tools. Apparantly, the guy was a retired toolmaker that was thinning his belongings.

So, I purchased a Xcell custom suitcase fitted with tons of screwdrivers, pliers, wirecutters, torx, pocket knife, etc. Retail value was $800 list for just this case. None of the tools had been used. Also was a Bosh hammer drill, a air nibbler (for sheet metal cutting), a 1/2 inch air wrench, a 3/8 inch air wrench, a 10 ton body shop hydraulic ram frame pulling set, and a few other tools.

total price - $60! Yee Hah!

The xcell tool case is one of my favorite tools and I use it all the time.

Might go to a few more garage sales with the wife!