What am I missing… New construction advice for Noob


Ok so like most noobs, I'm in the pre-wire planning stages. After reading the wiring your house 101-103 guides, and reading through threads on multiple forums. I'm finally ready to make my first post.
So the house is roughly 4200 sq/ft heated 5500 unheated. Long and somewhat narrow. Open floor plan? I hope to pre-wire for certain things we plan to add in the next 2-4 yrs. But have a list of needs for the immediate future. These include
Security--- The typical doors windows cameras, CCTV and DVR, IP monitoring.    Thinking of going with ELK gold, the HAI C3 sim card set-up with alarm ready monitoring
HVAC/Smoke/CO2--- IP controllable and monitored as well.   Thinking of using Nest products.
Lighting---  Very few initially some front and back porch lights maybe two or three interior lights for control or timers for when we are out of town. Then adding more when landscaping and pool are finished in a few years.   Still researching how to tackle lighting
Network--- Wired to TV's Wired to Desk area's and wireless throughout. Thinking about 2 ASUS RT-AC68U or 66U products one to repeat the signal at other end of house.
DirecTv--- Genie (I think its called). SWM 16 setup
Whole Home audio including one zone outside--- Need lots of help here.. Considering Russound or some type of multi zone receiver and apple airplay/or airport express to pipe music throughout the house. Having trouble figuring out how many zones and how many speakers each zone can control. Would love it to also be controllable via iPad and iPhones. as well as have guest with apple products be able to play the playlists as well. I need each room/zone to be de-selectable so as to play some zones but not all together, (hope that last part makes sense).
In the future
We plan to finish out a 450 sq/ft media room multiple tv's or projection surround, stadium seating, you know the works. But probably not for 2-3 years. 
A pool would love to be able to control/monitor temp and pumps as well as pool lighting and landscape lighting.
Irrigation system, would love to be able to turn off if out of town and find out it's raining a bunch back home.
WELL and Septic systems
Garage doors
Okay so now for the questions/advice.
1. Big picture, what am I missing or don't understand about my needs and wants? I'm open to anything.
2. Some guys say to keep the Home Security completely separate from the HA some say otherwise I thought the point of the ELK system is that it can do some of the other things I want done. Am I understanding this wrong, would it be okay to not have them two completely separate?
3. I would really like to be able to control this setup with iPod's maybe as the keypads, iPhone and iPad Aps as well looking at keypad software
4. Any wiring advice not mentioned in the downloads , I'm talking to a LV tech who will be paid to consult me DIY the wiring.
Thanks for any help, awesome site, learning daily. P.S. if any one is around the memphis area I'd like to talk or visit with you about your set-ups. 


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soonersig said:
3. I would really like to be able to control this setup with iPod's maybe as the keypads, iPhone and iPad Aps as well looking at keypad software
Given this wish is in RED, I would recommend looking into HAI OmniPro and Haiku software, it will give you access to all features of your automation system on iOS devices, including camera pop-ups based on events, audio control and customizable interface.


I was considering eKeypad on an iPad with the ELK M1 my understanding is it is pretty decent interface. Thanks for the heads up though. I will look more into Omnipro