What computer x10 hardware/software do you use?

I use a Stargate as my primary hardware/computer interface. It works great with Homeseer and most other software programs out there support the Stargate platform as well. I am always looking at possible alternatives but so far I have never found anything that would be a viable replacement for my Stargate setup.
I'm using HomeSeer for the software. For the hardware interface to X10 stuff, I use a CM11A for the powerline interface and a W800RF32A to handle incoming RF (palmpads, motion sensors, security devices (DS10A)).

I wouldn't recommend that anyone start using a CM11A but I've never had any problems with mine (after years of use, it just sits there working fine).
Well HomeSeer seems to be THE software to get.

Any alternatives? I have girder, can I use that with the x10 software?
Girder does support some of the home automation gear, so you could start with that. We have some Cocooners which use girder as their main HA component, hopefully they will post soon.
Hey metomeya,

Did you ever get the Time Server plug-in working for ya?

Girder supports several different computer interfaces...

Theres a link in that thread to some of my experiences when I first got going with it.... doubt it will help you, but may be of interest ;)

anyways, Welcome to CocoonTech!

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I use the Ocelot stand-alone controller, without a PC based program. The Ocelot supports complex If/Then programming and is very reliable. Mine has been running for 5 straight years now.
At home, I have HomeSeer with a PowerLinc USB controller. Soon to add an Elk M1 Gold. I'll probably move most, if not all, functions to the Elk.

In the office, I have HAL PRO, an Ocelot, and an Elk M1 Gold.
HAL_MAN said:
I Use OCELOT, HAL2000, and 1132u. And I would not trade any of the three. PERIOD!
Hi Shawn;

Not trying to cause a debate, but have you looked at the Elk M1 Gold? Reason I ask is I'm curious how you think it stacks up to what you currently have (as an experienced HAL user)!