What do/were you charged?


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I am trying to get some idea of what I should be charging for certain electrical related jobs. Please... If you have any experience in Structured wiring, standard electrical installations, or Automation Installations and you were either a Customer or the Dealer please share the job you did and how much you charged for labor and why.

Basically I am doing a side job now and I think I could have gotten a lot more money then I asked for. Since it was I am basically working as a contractor for a friend (the friend was contracted my a developer) I was really doing it as a favor for him. But it seams that there will be more work for me in a future and I want to know what I should really be charging.

This job I only connected Telephone Jack and Cable Jacks and made connections to and installed a structured wiring panel. I am only interested in labor rates for similar jobs. Anything dealing with electricity or data.

How much did you pay?
How much did you charge?
for what type of work?

We don't do installs but from the installers we deal with I have seen anything from $50 to $125 per hour. I would say that the average range is $75-$100 though.
When I was managing an IT department in Miami, FL, our (excellent) electricians charged an average of about $150 for wiring a single network/comm drop (surface jack with 4 Cat5 terminated to RJ-45's, usually on cubical dividers). Longer runs, more work, etc. were more, of course, and the building was already complete. So, that's about 7 years ago and in Miami...

You could always get an estimate from a few local electricians to wire your house for network and figure it out from those.

If you are doing this during the construciton of the premise, you've got to have it inspected and such, so you should be working with a licensed electrician who will sign off on the work for the permits and inspections. You might want to partner with someone in this capacity. Post-construction may be a different story.