What does this mean for A-BUS?


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1) I didn't know there was a rift.
2) Does this mean new additions to A-Bus?
3) What's the newly released CEA Multi-Room Wiring Standards?
4) What patent recently acquired by Russound from Sonance?
5) What's the R-MEGA brand of amplified volume controls?

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Back on the A-BUS®

Twelfth Hour Negotiations Result in Successful Reconciliation for Russound and

NEWMARKET, NH & SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA May 3, 2005 — After lengthy negotiations,
Russound and LeisureTech Electronics Pty of Australia announce that they have entered into a new, long-term agreement providing for Russound to resume manufacturing and selling A-BUS® branded distributed audio products. The new agreement resolves the differences that had resulted in the earlier dissolution of the long-standing relationship between LeisureTech and Russound.

The two had originally entered into an agreement in 2000 that formed the relationship that served as the catalyst for the establishment of the popular A-BUS standard for moving audio, power and IR over a single run of CAT 5 cable to amplified volume controls – effectively changing the landscape of multiroom audio.

In reflecting on the outcome of the marathon negotiation Russound President Maureen Baldwin noted, “I am very happy that both Russound and LeisureTech realized the importance of our relationship and were able to turn the tide. Both management teams met in LA and essentially locked ourselves up in a hotel until we came to a resolution. It was definitely a nail biter. It was textbook, down-to-the-wire, negotiation. But as a result of the effort and passion invested, our new agreement will not only benefit both companies, but the industry at large. The benefits of A-BUS technology coupled with the newly released CEA Multi-Room Wiring Standards send a clear message to the home building and remodeling industries – A-BUS is simply a great solution.â€

LeisureTech principal, Andrew Goldfinch has this reflection, “When Len Andrews and I invented A-BUS technology, our vision from the outset was to create a format that enabled manufacturers in all areas of the industry to provide a simple and clear solution for multiroom home entertainment. The unique simplicity of A-BUS removes confusion for the consumer and gives a clear message…multiroom audio installs and operates easily, provides flexibility for the future and sounds great.

"In 2000 Russound was the first company to support this vision that is now shared by more than 15 other brands across the industry. We are delighted that Russound will be moving forward with the LeisureTech team to develop and enhance the A-BUS standard and propel A-BUS products forward in terms of both technology and market-awareness.

“We look forward to working together to solidify A-BUS technology as the standard for
amplification powered by the signal and control cable and advance it to meet the ever-growing needs of distributed audio.â€

Part of the new agreement provides for Russound to grant to LeisureTech (and LTE licensees), protection under the patent recently acquired by Russound from Sonance. As part of that decision Russound has determined to discontinue its efforts to launch its recently announced R-MEGA brand of amplified volume controls and will instead focus their attention on moving the A-BUS brand forward.
That's pretty interesting, I am surprised that I didn't see this press release anywhere. Thanks for posting!