What happened to Cmax control¿¿

kanipso said:
I just installed 2.0d.... What happened to the code editor? Where did everything go?
I believe the latest version is 2.00e. Did you get the (latest) program from Applied Digital's site?
kanipso said:
Is there a way to use the 'old' style code editor interface. This new setup is SLOW going..
I haven't used the old version in a very long time. I can't even remember what it looked like!

I do remember though that the newer version seemed a lot easier to use though. What problems are you having?
2.0d/e has some great improvements, but I guess you are talking where it recounts every single line when you insert/delete a line (which can be rather slow)?
Yes, the screen refresh that it does when inserting or deleting lines can get annoying and takes some getting used to. One time saving tip if you want to insert several lines is to go past the end of the program and drag a few more blank lines then you think you'll need and then right click "copy". Then go back to where you want to insert code and paste the blank lines there. This is sure faster then inserting them one by one. You can also delete several lines that way, by dragging over the ones you want to get rid of and then right click "cut". Then you just don't paste them anywhere...

Btw no, you cannot use the old 1.70 editor any more. The editor is also the compliler so they cannot be used seperately.