What is going on?


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As you might have noticed, we ran into some serious trouble (similar to the Titanic running into an iceberg), and everything went down. We were forced to go back to an old backup from April when we just switched the site to a new server. Unfortunately, about 100 accounts and over 2500 posts were lost, but thanks to the dedication of many loyal Cocooners and their great support, We are sure this won't be a problem for much longer. If you run into some problems on this board, feel free to let us know while we are working out some of the issues related to going back to an old backup.

As for the contest, we have the names of the people submitted, and probably will hand out the prizes next weekend during our online chat, but due to the nature of the problems we were having, some of these plans might change (but no matter what, the prizes will be handed out). Thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Thank you. This is the best board for all Home Automation and theather needs.

Thanks again for the board. I'm sure in a little time we'll be current in all of the discussion topics.

It is amazing how nice this site is to have around. Even though it's a lot of work, its worth it when you see how many people missed it when it was down! :)
Google cached pretty much everything, it's very hard to inject posts from the old site into this old backup, it would just screw things up, but I did copy and paste the missing howto's/guides, if you made any posts in the past you thought were very important (well they are all of course!), feel free to look them up in the google cache and post them again.
I looked on Google, but couldn't find my post on whole house audio systems. Please let me know if you find it. I probably wans't typing in the right keywords or someting.

EDIT: Aww, I'm a newbie again! ;)
CompGuru. I think i recall grabbing that post from google but its on my home pc. I will check when i get home. Google may have gotten rid of their cache of the post recently as they have been on the site twice already since it been up and i am sure they are purging their broken links.

If you dont see it up or see another post about it then its because i forgot so send me an e-mail at cocooner(at)comcast.net or PM after 4 today.