What is the best cat5 to use?

What is the best to use for runs under a 100'. Stranded or solid wire. Any brand better than another? I will need a 500' spool of this.
Solid is used for in wall wiring. Stranded is generally used for patch cords.

I may start a discussion here but I have used a variety of mfgs, Belden, BerkTek General, and even bargin basement from Fry's. They have all certified with cable testers and functionally worked well too.
Yeah, the biggest differences I have found with some of them is that some brands (can't remember which ones) seem a little brittle and harder to crimp heads on.
That is a good point Martin. Along the same line, another characteristic to watch for is the outer jacket of the cable. I bought one box (bargin basement I'm sure) the had a very soft outer jacket, you talk about hard to pull. That soft jacket created all kinds of friction. I'm very careful now when I pick a box/spool of cable.
You also may need to consider where the wire is going to be run for the type of jacket it should have. If you run it in any place that air will flow that people can breath, like in air ducts or dropped ceilings, it'll need to be plenum rated.

You'll want Cat5e, which is the "enhanced" version.

Also, crimp-on and punch-down ends differ for stranded vs. solid, so get the right ones. They make some now that allow you push the wire allt he way through and trim it - that makes it easier to put the ends on AND check your color positions... typically you use solid in-wall and punch down to jack panels, and then use stranded patch cables for wall-to-device and patch panel connections. Stranded stands up to more use as they are more flexible.

For patch cords, it is usually cheaper to buy them in quantity from an online retailer. I like the ones with integrated "clip protectors" - which are marketed as Snag-Free and similar. Blekin units have little ears that work better than the boots, IMO. The boots can usually be pulled back. Plus they come in pretty colors and a variety of lengths!!!