What Light Swith Do I Need?

I have a single gang box that I currently have a standard toggle switch in. It controls the on/off setting of a ceiling fan\light. I also have a remote that came with the fan that controls fan speed and light dimming. I am looking for a solution that will allow me to control the on\off capability of the fan\light like I have now as well as two X-10 modules in the same room. I would like to have dimming available on the two X-10 buttons if possible. I have an six button KeypadLinc but it doesn't work like I want it to. Any suggestions on what switch I can use?
I am assuming you've got one of the old relay keypadlincs, which should be capable of the project you describe. How do you want it to work?
I have an X-10 compatible 6 button keypadlink. Actually I have two. I seem to have issues with both of them. One is being used to control three lights along with dimming. It works about half the time.

The other one is connected. I'm just not sure how to program it to work with my fan/light and the other two lights I want to control.
I'm afraid I've got bad news then. If your existing switch only works half the time, your issue is probably with the x10 signals themselves rather than just the switch that is sending it. Lots of devices in the modern home interfere with x10 operations under the best of circumstances, and troubleshooting can involve adding filters on noisy or signal sucking appliances (computer power supplies and UPS units in particular), adding a signal coupler/repeater, replacing CFL bulbs with incandescents, and just putting up with troubles that result from signal collisions.

Not too long ago, someone posted about the steps he'd taken to get a fairly robust x10 system but I didn't bookmark it. Did anyone else?
I'm using Leviton switches and I have a coupler\repeater installed. I'm having few if any problems related to X-10 with the exceptionof the kepadlincs. They rarely work. They are also difficult to program. Is there an easier programmable button solution that will also control a load?
My question still stands. I would like to find a wall switch controller that acts as a relay (on\off) for a fan\light, and have at least two programmable buttons to control two lights via X-10 or Insteon, preferably with dimming capabilities. I plan on controlling the fan with the supplied remote. Does anyone know of such a switch?