What remote do you use to control your HTPC?


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Hey all,

I currently have this remote to control my HTPC and all my other hardware through a USB-Uirt.

Something that's always bugged me about this particular remote is that it alternates between 2 codes for each button. The reason that this is a problem is because while girder has a "ignore code for x ms" it can't ignore 2 different codes and this remote sends them FAST.

So I'm looking for a replacement. It doesn't need to be a universal remote as my HTPC can control all my hardware through girder, but I'm not ruling them out either.

Anybody have any recommendations?
I have that remote too for one of my MCE machines, it's a very special case indeed, I believe there is a work around, someone on thegreenbutton.com analyzed this. But for my other HTPC, which runs MCE too, I just use girder with a remote that came with my Pinnacle PCTV card, I actually like it better as it has more buttons. The good news is that the MS remote is rather unique in doing this, and that if you don't have MCE, there is no need to use this. Get the Radioshack 15-2117 universal learning remote, they can be found for $15 bucks at RS now, and it does everything and then some.
I use a Tivo peanut-remote to control everything. Since your using girder, I would focus on getting a remote that repeats its signal as you hold down the button. This way you can use the mouse feature, detect when a button has been pressed for a long time, makes the volume change more like a "normal" remote (you dont have to hit the button once for every bar), etc.

With girder as the go-between, you can pretty much use any remote you like (but you already knew this). I choose the Tivo remote, as my fiance was already use to the layout and functions, and I like he way it feels in my hand.

Also, I didn't know about the 2-signal problem with the MCE remote. I know a guy by the name of Ashman over at HTPCnews has it setu using girder and seems to really love it. If its sending out to codes, when you learn the remote to the event it should only learn the first one...no? Then the second one wouldn't have any effect..

Ah, Im just fishin' for ideas, as this is the first time I've heard of that bug...
the MCE remotes are weird, but there is a solution, just can't find it, thegreenbutton.com updated their site, so things are slow and hard to find.
Does the MCE (2004) remote use RC5 codes? It seems that this is a common problem among these types of remotes.
I got tired of trying to use the MCE remote for anything. So right now it's sitting in a pile of other unused remotes. It was too much trouble. I don't use MCE itself.

Get the Radioshack 15-2117 universal learning remote, they can be found for $15 bucks at RS now, and it does everything and then some.
The 15-2117 is a very nice remote. Good luck finding one for $15 at Radio Shack these days. This was an incredible clearance price and they seem to have pretty much sold out everywhere. If anyone finds a stash, I'm sure they'll find plenty of people willing to buy them. The 15-2116 (non-RF version) is also nice. The only problem I've had with either of these remotes is finding a device with enough codes (enough buttons used) to use with the computer. Without programming the remote using JP1, it's not always easy.

Currently, the only PC I use with a remote is only running a single application. I'm using an ATI Remote Wonder (RF remote) that came with the video card in another computer for this and it works very well. Of course, that means that I can't use a learning remote to replace it.