What will they come up with next!


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What in the world...


I just read in the www.soundandvisionmag.com magazine, which i just picked up from a friend of mine, that epson has devloped a new TV that allows you to view edit and print your digital images with no external PC required. It actually looks pretty smooth but im not sure why anyone would want to use their TV as a printer.

Who comes up with these ideas. I want his job because i can come up with some crazy combinations too. How about a toaster that makes coffer too? Or a stove that washes the dishes?
I guess the person with a digital camera that doesn't own a computer would love it. Wouldn't have to go down the kiosk at the mall or drug store to get prints.
What could be better than to choose which photos you want to print with your butt firmly planted on the couch and a remote in your right hand.