What zwave pieces to get for lighting application?


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This is from another thread I started, but it's really a seperate topic:

I was thinking I might do a test install of something to start.

Can someone please reccomend a z-wave parts list for the following:

I'm installing 5 mono point pendant lights over the bar in the kitchen island. The lights won't physically be connected to any controlling switches. Each one will be connected to a load dimmer acting as a slave.

There will be one master switch which invokes a scene to either turn them all on or all off. Each one will have a different ramp rate.

Addiitonally, there will be 5 controlling switches mounted under the bar. One for each light.

The setup is such that you can turn any light on or off from the corresponding seating position of that light. You can also turn them all on or off from the one master switch on the wall.

The 6 controlling switches (the one that turns all on or all off and the 5 individual switches) will not be connected to any loads. They are controllers only.

If I were doing this with INSTEON, i'd use 5 inline dimmer modules(in the ceiling above each light all on the same physical power line). 5 ICON dimmers for the seated positions. One 8 button insteon keypad(decora faceplate). The remaining buttons will be mapped to other switches(I haven't seen any zwave switches like this yet).

If I were going to do this with z-wave, what would I use? Also, suggest a master controller that can be used to program them to do all of this without the need for a PC.

Also, what z-wave products might be just around the corner that might reduce the cost of this application (no load 2-way switches, inline modules, etc)?
Anyone? Is this not easily doable with z-wave? This is a snap with INSTEON but I really want to not buy more insteon and I really would like to switch over to z-wave.

Somebody has got to know.
I have seen in-line Z-Wave dimmers, but I don't think they've hit the market yet. You could make the "controlling" switches be the dimmers for the lights, and then have virtual switches turn those on/off.

Yes. Already assuming that.

I suppose my question is really several questions:

1) Can I link insteon switches in the example above? i.e. one switch that activates a scene to turn on or off all of the pendant lights each of which is on their own switch.
And secondly each of the pendant light switches can be individually controlled by another remote switch...one for each pendant light.

2) Will I be able to mix different brands? For instance, for the hidden switches in the attic above the pendant lights, I don't need the best look and feel or something like a leviton, so I'd rather save on expense and use a home-pro switch as they're about $25 cheaper. Same for under the counter. For the one that's actually visible on the wall, I'd go with a Leviton Vizia switch.

But in order for all of this to work, I have to be able to link associations like INSTEON does and I'd also have to be able to mix brands of switches.

It's really too bad there aren't:

a) In line modules, and
B) Remote RF switches that don't control loads for reduced cost.