What's a Capecodder?

Vodka & Cranberry juice have gotten me through many an X10 problem :) . I am a carpenter/builder by trade but have tinkered with electronics and audio/video since I blew up my parents Zentith console TV by trying to take the speakers out for my "quad system" with a very dull pair of pliers. So now you know I grew up with The Who and can get an idea of my age.

I use HomeSeer, MainLobby suite, Slink-e and Smartlinc for automation. The home theater/living room consists of a Samsung HLN617W dlp, B&K AVR307, a few HD Satellite recvrs, TiVo, and a home made HTPC which includes a MYHD card. I also feed two other HDTVs from all sources.

I do not do well with programming or scripting, I don't even think well sometimes. I read a lot and learn from those that know more than myself - then try to return the favor to others that follow.

Seems like a great site to be coming in on the begining.

If anyone comes to the cape for a visit - look me up - the fishing is great.

Hey Stan!

Welcome to the site, that's a nice setup! You are more than welcome to post any questions, heck, we even got a script request section, and we posted a how-to on web page parsing a few weeks ago. Enjoy your stay, and am looking forward to more posts!