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What's a good web based photo browsing tool?


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I want to host a load of photos on my server to be viewable over the web. What are some good (free would be nice) photo packages?



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I would like to use the HS web server but I also run IIS. How much is the one you use?


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free, I wrote it ;) But it uses PHP, so it needs IIS or Apache. It is still in the 'alpha' stage, but it does work pretty well. I am sure there are some free asp based packages out there tho, so they might work with HS.


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Not so sure about that E ;) Most anything useful that is written in asp, will not work on HS's stripped down asp engine :( IIS is going to be the way to go for sure, being you have both installed Rupp.


I have been using Picasa (free from Google at www.picasa.com) to manage my albums. It has an option of exporting to a website with some basic formats, XML, or your own custom template.

I am using the XML export to generate photo albums on a .NET site I run...pretty cool stuff. I even have a way to upload a zip of the album folder and have it unpack the folder and save the files.

Check it out here: http://www.steinfjell.com/photos/default.aspx