What's in your parts closet?


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I posted this thread over on CQC in a bit of irritation, and had some entertaining disucssions. Now the darn cocoon'ers are enticing me even more (dang djarmor.com thread plus Dwayne talking about some new touchtronix stuff last night on chat is TOO MUCH).

Please stop talking about cool new toys for at least 4-6 months, so I can finish mounting the stuff I already bought....

I'm declaring a moratorium on me buying stuff for a bit. A ton of UPS stuff has begun arriving, refilling the parts closet that I was close to emptying. I've now got, or within a week will have the following unfinished stuff:

- 12 zWave switches

Aprilaire distro panel and 2nd 8870, and 1 8051 temp sensor

- 3 rooms of speakers (2 stereo input speakers and 1 regular pair) and amps to power them (1 4ch Sherbourn amp; 1 parasound zamp)
- 7 Niles inwall volume controllers

- Autopatch 4YDM;
- 2nd DirecTV receiver (this has been in there for 2 yrs now);
- Sony XL1B CD/DVD megachanger

- 3 speakers and the Elk-800 to power them;
- 2 motion sensors;
- 2 waterbug sensors;
- proximity reader;
- 15 door/window sensors.
- 2 motion detectors,
- 4 glassbreak detectors,
- CCTV camera

- CallerID PC modem

- 32port patch panel,

Oh, and did I mention that i pulled all 300 CDs down from the attic to re-rip?

Wife was getting happy that the closet was getting almost empty. Ha, guess I showed her!
I stopped buying products until I finished installing what I had. It's more fun buying them than putting them in (usually) but it sounds like you have more than a couple months of work in front of you!
I have more than a closet full and I need to order more enclosures to put it all in. Its winter (ok 60 degrees here in NY is not really winter) so I guess I can hibernate (or cocoon) until I dig out.
Yeah weather has been erratic. I was with someone who wanted to take a walk outside, I said I was just going to grab my jacket, this raised an eyebrow. The day before it had been 30 something but that day it was 50 something and I had forgotten.

Oh and for your question:

1. Elk Speaker for interior
2. 4 conductor splice for hai thermostat to elk
3. A few sensors
4. A few insteon relays, timers and dimmers.
5. An Elk temperature linc with 7 foot probe
6. A rain sensor
7. (the big one, although not quite a 'part') CQC 2.0!

I have:

3 smokes
2 CO's
3 thermals
2 Pirs
4 water sensors
3 touchscreens
1 Sage extender
1 gas detector
2 supplemetary power supplies
8 Insteon devices


I also have a ton of stuff for CCTV, emergency lighting, etc

I lost the hard drive on my computer and everything on it so I am down for the count so to speak for a lot of things I was working on.
Yikes. I hate to even think about it but....

Rewire existing DA (from 16/4 guage to 14/4 w/ cat5e), 2 zones.
Rewire existing M.Bath 16/4 DA to ABUS (subzone off M. Bed)
Add 14/4 w/ cat5e to basement office and M. Bed and 2 kid's rooms and garage
Install speakers in Office and M. Bed (Totem Acoustic Mask 8's)
Run serial cable to C8 for control of DA.
above for addition of CAV6.6

Add 3 PIR's
Add wired contacts to 5 1st floor windows
Add wired contacts to 2 2nd floor windows (they'll be teenagers soon enough!)

HTPC should arrive Monday. All cabling completed yesterday.

That should get me through the next month...
Geez, at the urging of my wife, I consolidated my various parts locations into the basement. I needed to build 2 more shelves b/c I had so much random crap.

It's been 2 years since I started this thread, and the backlog has gotten only a little better. Worse, a lot of stuff was installed, then taken out. (ie, Autopatch, Niles volume controllers, Sony megachanger, DirecTV receiver).

Here's a pic of the shelf dedicated to "toys I've bought but not yet installed, and want to install". There's a whole other shelf (shelves) dedicated to "stuff I'm not actively using or need, but I might so let's not throw it away".


In case you can't see it clearly, from left->right, there's:

- 1 Betabrite sign
- 2 zWave external lamp modules (from 2 years ago)
- 2 zWave dimmer switches still in packaging
- 1 zWave outlet still in packaging
- 3 zWave dimmer switches out of packaging
- 2 zWave appliance modules
- 2 zWave 3way master switches, 2 slaves (from 2 years ago)
- 1 Heat detector (from 2 years ago)
- 1 600# maglock
- 2 CCTV baluns (go from cat5->BNC)
- 4 wireless Elk window sensors
- 2 Fire Alarm pull thingeys for the elk, with backboxes
- 1 Paterson USB->Serial adapter (for DirecTV box)
- 1 Elk Strobe light w/Wallmount box (from 2 years ago)
- 1 Elk-800 amp (my 2nd one - i already have one)
- 1 Water Sensor (from 2 years ago)
- 1 CCTV (from 2 years ago)
- 3 Bosch Motion Sensors (from 2 years ago)
- 1 Brultech power monitoring thingey
- (in plastic bag) 5 recessed wired window sensors, 2 surface mount window sensors (from 2 years ago)

Man. No wonder my wife gets bugged when more boxes arrive. I need to declare yet another moratorium.
I've got a couple motion sensors, glass break detectors, and Doberman piezo/flashers that I have yet to install, but the system is on and pretty robust. However, the real kicker is "that wire." For over a year, I've had a wire partially pulled from the basement wiring closet to the garage for an eventual glass break sensor. I've needed that spool of partially pulled wire so many times that I lost count. Finally, I pulled the wire to its destination, so that I could cut the wire and use the spool for other runs. No more hanging yellow wire in the wiring closet to step around. Yahoo! It's amazing how it can be so difficult to get the moivation to complete a particular task. Regardless, I am back on track. Just one more zone to retrofit for the 6 zone house audio system. This project will have an end at some point.
. This project will have an end at some point.
Yeah, I doubt it. My personal list continues to grow so much that I now have two excel spreadsheets hung on the refrigerator. On is HA/AV centric and the other is all the other projects around the house. Guess which one is longer...
Guess which one is longer...
Hmmm, let's see. Yea, the HoneyDo list is ALWAYS the longest one in the house. It's a bonus when an item on the HoneyDo list matches one on your list. Those always get done first. Or, if an item on your list is a prereq to one one the HD list - that helps too.
I dunno, my HoneyDon't list is getting pretty long. You know,
"Honey, don't drill any more holes in the windows"
"Honey, don't put speakers in any more rooms"
"Honey, don't mount another touchscreen"
I dunno, my HoneyDon't list is getting pretty long. You know,
"Honey, don't drill any more holes in the windows"
"Honey, don't put speakers in any more rooms"
"Honey, don't mount another touchscreen"

Well when your speaker installation looks like this, I can undestand :blush:


Just giving you a little grief, thats all. I wouldn't want to work with plaster and lath either.