What's involved in a Spectrum internet install?


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Spectrum is installing a line at the street so I am planning to get internet service and maybe TV. I want to be prepared so they don't hack up the house or drill needless holes. When I had satellite installed 20 years ago I had a conduit out of a side wall on the roof with a downward turn for a drip loop, a conduit from attic to equipment closet and another to the tv location. So the installer could just poke the coax through. On a previous install they drilled a hole through a hardwood floor to reach the tv and I wanted to avoid that kind of thing. But I am not finding much on the install to the house - lots of self install stuff once the cable is in the house.

Is there a box on the outside of the house like phone? For the phone I knew they needed a ground so poked a hole in the siding and ran a heavy ground wire from the nearby breaker panel so they could just mount the box where I wanted it. Do they need a ground? If it is just coax that comes out of the ground and goes through the wall do they do anything for protection? I might put in a conduit about 6" into the ground and an LB into the house. Thats what I have don't on some other cables. Maybe overkill but prevents damage from weed wackers and rodents.

Once inside how is this distributed? I have coax from the equipment closet to the tv. Is it just a standard splitter to connect both the tv box and internet modem? My equipment closet is in an unfinished basement room on the same wall as the cable will enter so the run can just go across the ceiling about 25' to the network equipment. Would need to split off and run from there to the TV(s). Do I need a STB at each tv or would a firestick or similar work? I have coax to the tv locations in the house but only network to the detached garage where I have a tv. Seems like this info must be on the net but I didn't find it...
Well, this is going quickly. I happened to be working from home today and they showed up with the boring machine to put the line in from the street to a riser near my house. I was a little concerned they they might hit some plumbing but they said the run will be about 8' down, tapered up at the ends of course but that's way below other things. :)