Where is all the Z-wave or Zigbee products?


Its the holiday season and all I want is some new sensors/switches etc. What is holding up these new products. X10 has all kinds of devices out there but try to get a Z-wave door sensor or a temperature sensor. No in wall outlets and very few vendors. Lots of hype but not much to choose from. When are we going to see this stuff?


You need to come down to St. Petersburg and see if you can buy a device off of the homeowner here :eek: There are window drapes and blinds, security systems, light switches from two different vendors, wall receptacles, and lots more.

All of the products here in the home are either done and going into manufacturing or are close to completion. The manufacturers tell me Q1 2006. I know that some of them will make it during that timeframe; I'm hoping that all of them do.

The new Logitech Z-Wave enable Harmony 890 remote is apparently shipping this month, or has already shipped, with RF to IR bridging via Z-Wave.

It took X10 more than 20 years to get all those devices out so give Z-Wave at least a few years to catch up.