Where to buy cat5 cable locally?


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I just ran out of cat5 and I need a few hundred feet more.

Anyone know where I can get a cat5 spool the same day... such as a national franchise?

CompUSA apparently doesn't carry bulk cat5. Not sure about Best buy but I doubt it.

I even tried a local wire company.
Home Depot carries it, but be prepared for sticker shock, I am still looking for a cheap source for Cat5e.
Wow, they do. Thanks!!! (They didn't have any 2x22 wire so I assumed they wouldn't have any cat5-ish cable).

I'm almost done wiring my home. I just have cameras and motion sensors left. Hopefully I still have a day or two before the drywall goes in.
They have cat5, RG6 (copper over steel), phone wire, 18/4 speaker wire, thermostat wire, etc. They can cover most things in a pinch (for a price.)
check the yellow pages for an electrical distibutor (contractor supply house) in your area . . . make a few calls and maybe save a few bucks . . .

Pete C
Lowes also carries Cat5. I just bought 1000' for around $75. Not quite the lowest but in stock. Also no shipping.
Home Depot at least here is $67 in gray only. I buy any color I want locally at $54.
$67 for 1000ft? When's the last you checked? It was around that price last year (locally), but this year, it was way more, but will have to go look again.
Expect wire prices to continue to increase. The world's largest copper mine went on strike this week.


My electrical distributor called and asked if I needed to place any large wiring order because the price of copper is expected to go up by 20-30% over the next few weeks.

As for the topic, definitely check with your local electrical distributors (as mentioned by Pete). Most of them sell to the public and will have better prices.