Where to find a wireless x-10 switch


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I need to put a switch in the back of a room to control the lights. I do not want to run the lighting wiring to this place. I would like to find a switch that I can install in a box that looks like a normal switch, but is an x-10(currently what I have, I am looking into to the new technologies) and not connected to the lighting.

I found this switch but would like something that looks more like a regular switch: http://www.x10.com/automation/ss13a_s.html

Check here, I think it's what you need. Decora or Toggle style.

Smarthome X10 wireless switches

Looks like the selection is a bit limited tho..

All of those single switches are not X-10. My lights are already on a x-10 circuit for dimming and scenes.

Thanks for the info, one of those may just have to do.

The only wireless X10 switch (X10 capable) that I know of is the Stick-A-Switch.